Thursday, April 29, 2010

Glee Me up Please

I bet you guys all love glee! Well if you don’t, I still do. Besides watching them sing and act amazingly, I really love their clothes. All the characters have unique style. The genius and talented person behind the clothes is Lou Eyrich! She brought home an award for costume design for Outstanding Contemporary Television Series on February beating the designers of Ugly Betty, Big Love, Dancing with the Stars and No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency!!!!!

I like the top hat plus you never see a woman that age wearing that, so I applaud her!

I present to you the Glee Fashion Timeline:

Episode #1 
On the first ever episode of Glee, their style was alright but it didn't capture my attention. Red tops: LOLS I think this was when they were singing don't stop believing.... 

Random episode

When they were on drugs and sand We're Walking on Sunshine and something else with a beyonce hit.
All the yellow dresses looks nice! Very casual and summerish! Wheres the asian in the pic??

Another Random episode

This episode was when they signed onto a mattress ad! I don't know what the song was, all i can say is their pyjamas are so cutteeee! LOL at Arty in a wheelchair on the mattress. He's one of my fav, plus the asian and the dumb chick

More Random Episodes

I like what they are wearing, especially the vest, converse, white shirt and skinny legs!!!

A Close Up of Finn and Rachel
Man he is tall. The jumper suits him!

Lets all stare at kurt and his awesome fashion


She's pretty! As you can see They look like two totally different character!

Something Random

the dude in the wheel chair in Glee Arty is in A BOY BAND
yeh i was like WTF he can dance!!!
 He is the dude under the word here...........................................................               

How cool would it be to have a Glee club at your school, I would definitely join if there was one at mine. Glee is the mature and funnier version of High School Musical!

BTW i will comment back to the people who comment in the last post in the weekend
I'm sorry i don't have time. When doing this post i was homeworking for ten minutes the posting for another ten minutes, repeatedly!!!!

I'll leave you with my fav quote in ep 14

Brittany: Puck super fine, Finns cute too
Santana: Yeh, but he's not hot though
Brittany: he's really isn't
Santana: And you know what Brit, dwarf girlfriend of his is dragging down his rep, i mean if he was dating hey , popular pretty girls like us, he'll go from dumpy to smoking
Finn: (across the table) Hello, Hey I'm right here