Monday, April 26, 2010

Mens Lusting Over Fashion?

During my 4 day long weekend!!! I was browsing the net and blogs and I seem to not see as much pictures of guys in posts as girls!! What happened to the guys?

I love guys fashion, for me it’s rare to see a guy in a totally cool, unique outfit where I live because all you see in  my street is a guy who is wearing a boring T shirt, baggy jeans that is flashing their bright coloured undies and sneakers. If you go the city, all the guys have similar fashion style and maybe the same hair cut too AND it doesn’t cut it for me unless they're really cute!

Here is an example of what a typical normal day dude would look like in my street
ignore Hermione, she's not a guy 

These are the style I want to see in my streets:

I like the shorts :D and the man bag!

I'm in love with his pants!!!!!

Future Husband, enough said! 

so unique, you don't see much of this!

I think its his bag that caught my attention.....

I know it may look over worn but I'm a sucker for guys in ties and black skinny jeans

The pants ruined the outfit, but i do like his jacket, shirt and hat and boots!

He's just gorgeous, I love the head band!

I wanna see more guys in blazers and white pants :D

Tell me what sort of style your street is typically always wearing that gets you annoyed and wanna run up to them and rip their clothes up in smithereens and take them on a shopping spree!!!

As usual take care xx

pics from street peeper and google