Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am Ninja by Night

I’m very hungry right now, but I’m going to wait for the party to start and stuff my face! For the moment I am running up and down the house like a freak. Imagine that. Nah, joking, I’ve been walking, elegantly like a princess to the living room and then putting on a plastic electric guitar and turning on guitar hero, forgetting the elegancy and rocking out like a true rock star. After that I run to the computer and surf the web!
I’m excited for the party, there’s going to be guys (Hormones alert) well I think you would be doing that if you attend an all girl school! In a minute or two I’m going to dress up and glamour up and look like a drag queen. I’ll post the pics of my outfit tomorrow.

I’m going to leave you pictures of one of my fashion icon: Alexa Chung 

I like the style of this shirt how it can be stretch out, plus the star heels completed the outfit!

I love this dress, so baggy and the cardigan finished the job
Very simple and cute!

I want myself the bag!

Jacket + Knee High Tights + Bag + Shoes = LOVE