Sunday, April 18, 2010


Wat up peeps?
I'm in a posting mood today! The party was alright I guess, I didn't know much people there because they were all my sister's friends. I did bring along my friend Astrid

A short convo:
Me: Guess what?
You: What?
Me: Well during the party, there were two models, a guy and a girl, the guy models for Calvin Klein and the girl was the 3rd runner up in Australia's next top model (don't know what season). I only found out they were models today after my sister felt like mentioning it to me. I was angry! But I have to admit my sis has awesome friends, so jealous. 

Inside, people were addicted to guitar hero, and they had their guitar face on, its not the rock star face, its more like the concentrated and don't distract me or I'll kill you face. 

Oh yeh I promised I'll take a picture of me outfit for ya to see

Here it is: 

me short one, Tina tall one

Term 2 starts tomorrow :( 
Feel my pain