Friday, April 16, 2010

Old Lady Poses Dance Off

It's National Compliment Day! Say a compliment to someone, make their day! :D
Yesterday I went shopping with my sister and mum and sis friend. We went shopping from 1-6pm, strangely I wasn't exhausted!! We went shopping to find my sister a dress for her birthday party tomorrow. I felt daring yesterday to try a new style, so I brought tons of clothes, mostly floral and things I never ever would buy.
I love looking at guys clothes, I feel retarded, gay and embarrassed for doing that but they have some very nice tops I like and these days girls top have too low cut and I don’t like wearing those! I buy guys shirt sometimes cos they have cool design and aren’t flashy. I bet your expression is like this 0_0 well it shouldn’t be because clothes are clothes, clothes may be designed for men and may be in the men section but they’re not off limits to women! Guy shirt can be transform into girl shirt once they are worn by a girl!
It took 4 hours or so to find my sis a dress, she brought 2! I think both of them are very pretty on her! 

I thought I would post the outfit I wore yesterday to the shops! I hope you like it….

Long grey shirt, black stockings, black high heel boots, grey necklace, black sleeveless cardigan

Well I'm off for the day and remember to compliment someone today! 
Have a cherry good day!